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Мастера акварели: Direk Kingnok

Direk Kingnok - художник из Тайланда. Его работы захватывают в плен с первой секунды, настолько они реалистичны, эмоциональны, интересны. А размеры некоторых работ просто лишают дара речи! Ты не только соучастник действий на бумаге, но и бродишь по улочкам Тайланда, Вьетнама, Индии, работаешь на поле или строишь корабли, ремонтируешь машины или рассматриваешь кусты цветов на соседском заборе. Дирек - мастер акварели, рассказывающий об окружающем его мире с огромной любовью и внимание к деталям.

"Sampeng market" (watercolor, 36x50 cm)

"Yaowarat, Bangkok" (watercolor, 67x97 cm)

"Bangkok sunset" (watercolor, 67x97 cm)

*** В интернете есть несколько слов о творчестве Дирека, но они на английском. Приведу их в оригинале, так как времени на перевод пока что нет (в будущем он обязательно появится) ***

Direk was born in 1976 in a small town in Nakhon Ratchasima,Thailand.
He grew up among natural surroundings and interested in art since childhood.
At age 9 he won a gold medal from the International Children's Art Competition Japan and several times later, that must be the starting point for his art more seriously.
After graduating from high school he attended the Art Institute in Nakhon Ratchasima.
In 1999 he moved to Khon Kaen to enter the Institute of Arts in Khon Kaen university where he studied painting.
In 2003 he began to study creativity of watercolor painters and developed a more serious relationship to watercolor painting.
Now he live in Khon Kaen and work of art continuously.

"Bangkok Chinatown" (watercolor, 54x74 cm)

"Bangkok Chinatown 2" (watercolor, 54x74 cm)

"Street food, Yaowarat" (watercolor, 36x50 cm)

"Life in Ha long Bay 3" (watercolor, 34x48 cm)

"Cooking for dinner, Ha Long Bay" (watercolor, 67x97 cm)

Those who live in a country or village are less apt to see what is special about the specific features of their localities that they take for granted – fixtures that they take for granted and do not spare a second, or even a first glance for.

Tourists, at least many of them, are different, because they are curious about a strange place and tend to notice more striking features about it than a native. And when the tourist is an artist, the ordinary and mundane become magical.

This is what Thai artist Direk Kingnok does to scenes of ordinary life in Vietnam. Through his watercolors, he imbues them with magical hues that wake up even the native’s interest in their hometown.

"Ha Long Bay merchant" (watercolor, 36x50 cm)

"Ha Long Bay, Vietnam" (watercolor, 118x148 cm)

"Hang Ma street" (watercolor, 36x50 cm)

"The afternoon at Hue" (watercolor, 36x50 cm)

"Night time, Hanoi" (watercolor, 36x50 cm)

“The images of the motorbikes, antique scooters, street corners, markets and crazy lines of electrical wires on the backgrounds of writing murals can be found anywhere in Vietnam. But I did not see their beauty until I saw Kingnok’s works. This Thai guy does have Vietnamese blood. Aw, I miss my country so much,” said Thuy Anh, a Vietnamese girl studying overseas.

Kingnok does more than just paint. He puts his watercolors and his painting techniques on display on YouTube, and this, along with social networking websites like Facebook, has only increased his reach and his popularity.

He gets more than a fair share of “likes,” appreciative comments and even offers to buy his works.

Kingnok’s association with Vietnam is not long, but it has apparently become very strong.

"After the harvest" (watercolor, 36x49 cm)

"Nearing the End of Harvest 3" (watercolor, 31x46 cm)

"Market in Khonkaen 2" (watercolor, 31x46 cm)

"Lushan, China" (watercolor, 31x46 cm)

He first came to Vietnam in January 2011 and was smitten. His first exhibition in the country followed shortly, in July when his watercolors on Vietnamese and Thai landscapes were displayed at the Viet Art Center in Hanoi to celebrate the 35th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Vietnam and Thailand.

The paintings that told simple stories about Vietnamese society were well received.

"Cappadocai, Turkey 2" (watercolor, 36x50 cm)

"Shipyard 4" (watercolor, 31x46 cm)

"Shipyard 2" (watercolor, 31x46 cm)

“I began to study art in high school and graduated from B.F.A. (Painting), Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts Khon Kaen University in 1999. I became an art lecturer for two years, and then began pursuing a career as an independent artist until today.”

Kingnok said he can paint in other media but watercolor is his first love.

"Fishing village" (watercolor, 31x46 cm)

"Waiting to the sea" (watercolor, 36x50 cm)

"Samut Sakhon port" (watercolor, 54x74 cm)

"VW repair shop 2" (watercolor, 36x50 cm)

“I love the charm of the watercolors. It expresses my identity and characteristics best. I like the work of many artists but I create works in my own way.

"VW repair shop" (watercolor, 36x50 cm)

"Afternoon at the farm" (watercolor, 36x50 cm)

"Technicians are repairing" (watercolor, 36x50 cm)

“I like to paint landscapes, which are like a record captured on a trip. They are a blend of facts and my impressions. Another reason is I was born into a farming family and grew up surrounded by nature and greenery for most of my youth. My drawing is nourished by this and my family’s encouragement.”

Kingnok started painting early. He began winning accolades early as well. He won a Gold Medal at a Youth Art Contest in Tokyo when he was just six.

"After harvest" (watercolor,36x50 cm)

Plein-air painting in Chonburi, Thailand

"Suzhou 1" (watercolor, 36x50 cm)

Haven on Earth, Kashmir in india (watercolor, 21" x 29")

On Kingnok’s facebook page, in effect an online gallery, some viewers have commented that they want to use up their passport pages to learn about Vietnam after looking at his paintings of the country.

“The artist makes me think that he understands Vietnam more than I do,” said Hoai Son, a photographer.

India (watercolor, 21" x 29")

India (watercolor, 21" x 29")

For his part, Kingnok, says: “I want my art to be a familiar story; of common people in common places. When you look at the world with a good attitude, surely you will see its hidden beauty.”

Among several of Vietnam’s sights, Ha Long Bay is a favorite for Kingnok.

Bangladesh (watercolor, 14" x 19")

India (watercolor, 14" x 19")

Kashmir in India (watercolor, 14" x 19")

“I like many places in Vietnam, but I am most impressed by Ha Long Bay. I love the sea, islands and the fishermen’s lifestyle there. Most importantly, Ha Long Bay’s beauty urged me to do large-scale paintings for the first time.”

Tibet and Nepal are among future destinations in Kingnok’s itinerary, and he looks forward to more “interesting stories” in different places, but there is something that will not change. He will still express himself through watercolors.

Flowers along the fence

Flowers along the fence

Flowers along the fence

“In the future, I will still stay the same. As I have said earlier, it captures my identity and characteristics best.”

After the rain

"Bangkok Twilight" (watercolor, 116x214 cm)

"Bangkok No.3" (watercolor, 112x194 cm)

Saigon sketch (ink & water brush)

Saigon port (ink & water brush)

Saigon port (ink & water brush)


"Yaowaraj road"

"Fishermen in Ha Long Bay"

"Lad Chado"

"Home sweet home"

"Life along the river"

О художнике очень мало информации в интернете, только краткая биография на его сайте. Если вы знаете о нем больше или дружите с английским лучше, пишите и я с удовольствием внесу правки и исправлю ошибки. Оригинал биографии можно почитать ===> тут
Часть информации (на английском) взята отсюда
Фотографии с моей доски на Pinterest, где под фотографиями указаны ссылки на источники
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